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What We Do

Patriot Strategies is a full-service strategic public relations and marketing communications firm with an emphasis on full-service. Anything that can be done to reach your target audience - whether it's your customers, your employees, your investors or the world at large - can - and will - happen with us.

From marketing to brand-building to advertising, we do it all. If you can think it, we can say it. If you can envision it, we can write it. If you can describe it, we can design it. If you can build it, we can brand it.

At Patriot Strategies, we combine the Science (the numbers, the strategy, the logic) and the Art (the visions, the wonders, the dreams) of business to create breakthrough concepts.

How do we do it? A bulleted list sums it up pretty nicely:

Public Relations
Success doesn't happen without attention. We give our clients intuitive, personalized attention that brings their business into the public eye. And that, in turn, gives them the positive attention they need. From strategic programs, launches, media relations, press materials, articles, speeches, news releases, feature articles, brochures, newsletters, radio ads, to website content. Delivering the right message at the right time through the right channel can mean the difference between attracting positive attention and fading into obscurity.
Strategic Communications Planning
This is where we discuss potential target markets, target media, and timelines. When, how and where to break the story? We'll make these decisions together. Let us show you how to market your business, with service ranging from branding and INTERNET strategies to budget consultation. Develop and execute targeted campaign strategies and action plans directed at politicians, community groups, the media, special interest groups, and opponents.
Public Affairs
Access to governments. Politicians. Civil servants. With extensive bipartisan experience working on Capitol Hill, communicating with government officials, and managing high-profile corporate and political issues, public affairs is the cornerstone of Patriot Strategies Communications' expertise.
If you are launching a product or repositioning a brand, you need a marketing communications strategy that will generate awareness and create demand from your target audiences. Let us prepare your marketing collateral and design a customized promotional campaign that will give you greater visibility through effective message delivery, target outreach, and branding.
Marketing PR
We work with our clients to clearly define which tools will most effectively initiate, create, develop, and implement powerful marketing strategies that deliver competitive advantage, unique positioning, and increased market share to your company.
Cause and Social Marketing
Cause-Related and Social Marketing builds customer loyalty and good will. By linking your brand to a nonprofit group or charity, you can often boost revenues, elevate awareness, inspire others and positively impact the world at the same time. Patriot Strategies helps identify well-intentioned cause partnerships that benefit all parties and best fits your brands core principles.
Green & Cause-Related Marketing
Market strategies for doing the right thing.
Cleantech PR
We help established and emerging companies align their activities and communications with sustainability issues and to connect effectively with businesses, consumers, policy makers, media and influencers.
Consumer Marketing PR
Whether your goal is to shift public opinion, build brand loyalty, introduce a new product, overtake a competitor, go global, or go public; we will put together a consumer public relations strategy and team that will help you reach your objectives.
Multicultural Communications. Diversity Marketing. Minority Advertising
In 2009, the combined buying power of African Americans, Asians, and Native Americans will be $1.5 trillion—larger than the entire economies (2008 GDP measured in U.S dollars) of all but thirteen countries in the world. We help corporations gain awareness, access, and credibility with diversity and niche markets.
Email Marketing & e-Newsletters
Drive higher response and increase participation. Whether your goal is to drive membership, increase donations, foster advocacy, raise awareness or improve volunteer participation, Patriot Strategies Email Marketing gives you the email capabilities you need to reach new and existing constituents, and motivate them to respond and participate at higher rates.
Website Design / Build
Our personalized services of website design, hosting, and maintenance will create the type of identity and aesthetic look that will keep you competitive in the global marketplace.
Postcard Marketing
Patriot Strategies provides award-winning postcard direct mail and marketing services. We can help you create a direct mail marketing plan that will give you maximum results and profits. We can do your entire mailing for you -- printing, addressing, and delivery to the post office.
Podcasting. Blogger Relations. Social Media. Word-Of-Mouth. Online Marketing. New Media. Emerging Media
Blogs, wikis, social media, online communities. Leave it to us - we get it. Getting audiences to participate in your communications strategy and accelerate the distribution of messages can sometimes be the fastest and most efficient way to get the word out about your company, your products and your services. We'll identify and foster content creation for the media channels that will most effectively reach your audience, whether they are watching YouTube videos, listening to Podcasts, following RSS feeds, networking on Facebook, reading microblogs like Twitter, or debating issues on blog talkbacks.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services
Increasingly, companies are realizing the power of natural search as a means of generating website traffic. We can help you identify the keywords and concepts that are central to your business and discuss strategies from press release optimization to link-building campaigns to help improve your natural search rankings.
Graphic Design
Logos, newsletters, video jackets, website templates. We handle the whole design and production cycles from start to finish.
Collateral Material
We create marketing materials including brochures, direct-mail programs, catalogs, annual reports and more. Create print pieces, campaign pins, bumper stickers, lapel buttons, among other items.
Tell your customers who you are and what you stand for with our brand development services. We offer logo design, brand name development, slogan creation, and more.
Special Event Coordination & Management
A well coordinated and managed event is a great way to showcase and market your organization or product. From book launches, corporate meetings, banquets, conferences, to non-profit fundraisers, our creative planning solutions will assure that special event program goals are met and exceeded. Devise appearances at public gatherings, community meetings, public hearings, and local and regional government meetings.
Trade Show Support
Public relations at shows, booth design and special event coordination. Get the most from your trade show investments.
Media Relations
Are you having a grand opening or a special event? With clear and professional press releases and other press materials distributed to appropriate news outlets, we deliver results in helping you leverage strong customer and media relationships. Develop materials and advise clients. Work with news media to promote the desired message.
Advertising & Placement
Part of the strategic and communications plan. Nail the concept.
Video Production
It's your story. We help you tell it.
Print & Broadcast Placement
Professional. Succinct. Upscale, simple design. Eye-catching magazine advertisements are just the beginning. We also design flyers, posters, billboards and brochures, to name just a few of our print products.
Speaker's Bureau
If you want to stand out in your market, you need to stand up. See and be seen. Get out. Get in front of the right audiences and deliver the right messages. We'll help you identify opportunities and use our contacts at leading trade shows and industry events to put you on that bully pulpit.
Book Development. Literary Agent. Ghostwriting
A book, perhaps the most leveraged specialized communications marketing tool, creates instant credibility for a client's business expertise and thought leadership. Patriot Strategies has extensive experience in book creation, promotion and publication arrangements.
Writing Services. Professional Copywriting. Web Copy
Cat got your tongue? Good thing we're experts in creating the words that pictures can't. Our copywriting services include producing content for websites, product descriptions, print advertisements and more.
Fundraising. Grant Writing. Philanthropy. Resource Procurement
Helping organizations and campaigns thrive.
Political Campaign Management
Are you seeking the extra edge to get elected to political office? Being able to effectively market your message is crucial to any campaign. Let our experts experienced in local, state, and national politics, teach you how to perform well under political pressure, plan strategically, and position your campaign for a win on Election Day.
Automated Phone Calls (Robocalls)
Highly acclaimed, award-winning automated Phone program system. Marketing your product or service, notifying your clients or members, promoting a sale or event, non-profit or faith-based notifications, school notifications or reminders, medical industry, utility or service companies or political campaign.
Direct Mail
Trade Ads, Promotional Mailers, List Selection, Project Coordination. Targeted business-to-business and consumer marketing.
Polling & Market Assessment
Quantitative and qualitative research. Formal and informal. Evaluate the landscape to assess project vulnerability through surveys, demographic, and political histories, media searches, and use of proprietary databases. Identify key pressure points.
We offer in-house research with the ability to handle everything from quick baseline surveys to comprehensive analyses. As communications specialists, we can also take the results and effectively explain them to key audiences such as media, investors, or employees.
PAC Management. Foundation Management. Association Management
We handle the "back-office" tasks that foundations, associations and PAC's don't have the time, inclination or capacity for...allowing donors, directors, staff and advisors to focus on charitable giving. Services include administration, compliance monitoring, federal and state filings, grants management and much more.
Celebrity Relations. Celebrity Appearances. Celebrity Endorsements. Sponsorships. Influencer Seeding
We can help you harness the power of celebrities to get you those valuable column inches. Whether its endorsement, association or product placement, we have strong relations with key celebrities, celebrity agents, stylists, make-up artists and managers - its all about who you know as opposed to big budgets.
Entertainment PR. Entertainment Marketing. Entertainment Publicity
Entertainment publicity for actors, athletes, models, authors, anchors, radio on-air personalities, recording artists, comedians and other high profile individuals. We secure national publicity for those in the business of entertaining. Our business is to maximize positive exposure for our clients.
Sports Management. Sports PR. Sports Marketing. Sports Publicity
Patriot Strategies represents current and retired professional athletes, sports celebrities, baseball players, football players, basketball players, hockey players, Olympic athletes, NASCAR drivers, coaches and managers for commercial endorsements, autograph appearances, golf outings, trade shows, parties and celebrations and for corporate and charity events.
Beauty, Health, Fitness, Fashion & Lifestyle Public Relations
Our extensive understanding of the how the beauty, health, fitness, fashion & lifestyle industries tick, combined with a strong creative approach, allows us to develop award winning, results-driven strategies for our clients.
Law Practice Marketing. Litigation PR. Law Firm Communications
Promoting your practice. Whether you need to attract new business to your law firm or you have a lawsuit that needs to be promoted to the media, Patriot Strategies can help you reach your goals.
Doctor's PR. Physician Marketing. Hospital Marketing
Your forte is healthcare. Ours is boosting the health of your practice with solid marketing expertise, and that includes strategic solutions that help you reach your goals. And more important, we continue to monitor your growth so you can set - and achieve - bigger, better goals each year.
Crisis/Conflict Management
Preparation. Tactics. Skills. Solutions. Keeping your head. While all around you are losing theirs. Whether it's minimizing the impact of a tough interview, playing down a political misunderstanding, or managing a full-blown crisis, our professionals have navigated these troubled waters and can help your business mitigate the damage.
Communication Skills Training. Media & Spokesperson Coaching
Leadership language. Media skills. Presentation skills.
Executive & Business Coaching
Our executive coaching programs are designed for managers, high-level salespeople, business leaders, and executives at all levels. Our business performance consultants are skilled in helping you improve your leadership skills and your organization improve its business performance.
Business Plan Development
Let us help bring your business to life.
Economic Development
See the potential. Mine the potential. Sell the results.
Mobilizing Grassroots & Grasstops
We take your message directly to the public and to key stakeholder groups. Organize local campaign groups, create advocacy, build coalitions, and identify and neutralize opposition.
Getting others to help push. Seizing opportunities.
Community Relations
Connecting clients with the publics that matter most.
Public Consultation
Open houses. Questionnaires. Focus groups.
Coalition Building
We've built them all over the world. And let them grow.
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