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Email Marketing and e-Newsletters

Patriot Strategies advanced email delivery platform enables our clients to create appropriate messages, target the relevant audience, incorporate the right incentive and deliver the email at the right moment. The platform with its robust features is easy to implement, simple to use, and flexible enough to meet a wide variety of needs. Also, it helps our clients connect with their customers faster, better and more cost-effectively than traditional online marketing efforts.

To accomplish this, Patriot Strategies provides our clients with the following options:

  • Business rules - refine email lists into criteria the campaign is designed to target
  • List management - gives clients the ability to create, store, and adjust mailing lists
  • Curriculums - facilitates the process of creating a complex marketing regiment of chained emails with ease
  • Data Management - imports and exports client data from Patriot Strategies
  • Viral Solutions - allows clients to create referral-based campaigns

Patriot Strategies is a web-based application; hence, our clients require no additional hardware or software to buy/install. With only a web browser and an internet connection, they are ready to start. Due to this, we have the ability to frequently update our platform with new features and improvements, at no cost to our users.

Purchase Tracking

Unlike many other marketing activities, email messages can be tracked, giving the client the ability to measure the results of each mailing in real time. Patriot Strategies tracking enables our clients to access various reports based on campaigns. They have the ability to view open rates, response rates, response behavior, click-throughs, conversions, referrals, response and conversion rates in referral bounces, unsubscribes, A/B split impact, etc. We provide real-time feedback on campaign status and response, in order to compare campaigns and see how varying messages perform. The data can be viewed in easy-to-access tables and charts.

By tracking the marketing activities, our clients are able to:

  • Understand customers by measuring and analyzing user behavior with segment, offer, creative, channel or placement
  • Improve user response rates, conversion rates and purchase frequency
  • Link specific customer marketing tactics to derived sales
  • Tier campaigns to market-differentiated levels of products and services
  • Distinguish the success of various marketing strategies to preserve and grow customers
  • Recognize the best impact marketing technique for customers
  • Identify critical decision points in each customer's conversion process

Knowing what works makes our clients' marketing process a success. Patriot Strategies provides users with tools for a lucrative marketing development. The email not only goes through, but Patriot Strategies shows the client how and why.

Reports and Analysis

Patriot Strategies provides unique tracking measures, as well as variety of pre-made and custom reports to explain the results.

With reports, the users can understand:

  • Campaign performance and effectiveness
  • Quality of leads and marketing activity
  • Real-time statistics such as emails sent, received, bounced, forwarded, and unique clicks
  • Landing page conversion rates
  • How bounced emails are broken down into categories, such as hard, soft, blocked and more
  • How to export campaign results for analysis
  • Graphical analysis, using appealing pie charts and graphs

Reports are used as analytical tools, which our clients can utilize to frequently improve the success of their campaigns. Quick feedback gives them the capacity to change their messages easily and test a new approach. By doing so, Patriot Strategies provides users with the means to set a campaign implementation standard, distribute their budget to campaigns that produce the majority of revenue, and develop campaigns that produce a high ROI.

Email Marketing Made Simple

Measurable Results

emarketing and enewsletters

With Patriot Strategies, your email marketing campaigns will generate instant and measurable email marketing results.

You can easily track every aspect of your campaigns, including:

  • Sign-ups and geo-location
  • Open-rates
  • Click-throughs
  • Sales and conversions
  • ROI and revenue

Campaign Personalization

emarketing and enewsletters

Build your mailing list and capture your visitors' personal information via a web-form on your site. Personalize all of your email campaigns automatically with an unlimited number of merge fields, such as your subscriber's name, email, postal address etc. Add the human touch to your emails, build credibility with your prospective customers and increase your sales!

Premium Email Deliverability

You can rest assured that a team of dedicated and knowledgeable Patriot Strategies deliverability experts ensuring that your vital email marketing campaigns get delivered to your subscriber's Inbox, and not the Junk folder.

At Patriot Strategies maintaining relationships with major ISPs, cultivating email industry proactivity and enforcing anti-spam policies are our upmost priorities. Ensuring that your mail gets delivered is our business.

Try it NOW and discover how easy email marketing can be!

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