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Mobilizing Grassroots & Grasstops

Grasstops & Grassroots Communication

Building the coalition, however, is just the first step. Mobilizing the coalition into action will likely mean the difference between winning and losing. The tactics we employ will ensure the coalition adds value to your ongoing efforts. Whether initiating high level "Grasstops" calls and meetings with key decision makers, flooding a public hearing with supporters or generating numerous letters from "Grassroots" activists to elected officials, our efforts will raise the volume of your issue and cause elected officials to take notice.

Grassroots: Grassroots activity shapes and galvanizes the public opinion. Patriot Strategies can identify people and groups who have an interest or stake in your issues and contact and recruit those prospects to the cause. Then, we'll educate those allies and strengthen their commitment, mobilizing them to deliver a powerful and compelling argument.

The content, style, and impact of our material is second to none.

When combined with your direct lobbying effort, the grassroots campaigns we offer are incredibly effective. As the effort evolves, you will have the advantage of a "one-stop shop" and can be assured that the responsibility for contacting the targets, monitoring the responses, and refining your message is in good hands.

Grasstops: Patriot Strategies Grasstops efforts target individuals who are particularly well-placed to provide persuasive arguments to policy makers. We identify major political players business leaders, and community activists who are known and respected, and put them to work for you.

We advance your policy goals through:

  • On-Ground Field Organizing
  • Constituent Activation
  • Grassroots and Grasstops Mobilizing
  • Coalition Development
  • Issue Education and Materials Development
  • Press Events, Speakers Bureaus, Town Hall Meetings
  • Earned Local Media
  • Radio Actualities and Media Tours
  • Local Elected Official Outreach
  • Web-Based Communication/Activism
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